Lost World Of Tambun


So many worlds packed into one, the Lost World of Tambun, is an action-packed, exciting adventure with the most thrilling rides and attractions in Ipoh, Malaysia. The 60 million Ringgit theme park is located in the historic town of Ipoh, in the middle of the North-South corridor in Perak; and is set in the natural landscapes of Ipoh, surrounded by exquisitely breath-taking limestone features. Whether it‟s a weekend of mayhem oozing with family fun or a burst of eco-adventure that you‟re seeking, take it all in as you journey through the attractions of the Lost World of Tambun. Five main elements make up this world of adventure – the Water Park, the Amusement Park, Lost World Hot Springs, the Tiger Valley and the Lost World Petting Zoo.

At the River & Beach garden, you can find a perfectly landscaped beach, surrounded by 20 feet twin waterfalls with two rivers flowing into the pool. A crystal-white sandy beach, complemented with lush tropical gardens and majestic rock formations is a perfect mood-setter to start off your journey in the Lost World of Tambun. While you‟re at the Waterfall Beach Garden, make sure you hit the waves at Malaysia‟s biggest wave pool, where waves can swell up to 3 feet high, at the Jungle Wave Bay. Refresh with a musical shower at the Musical Body Wash before heading to the Sandy Bay for an intense game of volleyball with friends and family or perhaps, for a relaxing soak in the sun.

Designed for more-thrill seeking adults and teenagers, the Cliff Racer injects a boost of adrenaline when your mine cart flies, Indiana Jones style – straight down the speed-coaster at maximum speed! Just when you think you will stop and fly through the jungle canopy, the day is saved and your tube rocks gently down to earth with the flowing water and strategically rises at the end of the slide.

While you‟re at the wet park, don‟t miss going on the longest inflatable tube ride in Malaysia! With four different slides to try, the Tube Raiders is a family-favorite as you wind your way down from the top of the giant slides. If you‟re looking for a more relaxing water ride, try soaring on the Adventure River. Sit back and relax as you gently float around in the 600- meter length river, passing the naturally-beautiful caves and out-of-the-world water features. Anticipate a little surprise along the way though, as you get greeted with waves along the way, so make sure you hold on to that tube!


Take a “flight‟, enjoy the scenery while you dry off on the Dragon Flights ride, as you get swung in the air in this thrilling swing-chair ride; before you sail on over to the Stormrider, a pirate boat which will swing you 180 degrees for some knee-knocking, spine-tingling excitement.
Get your little ones to cool down after playing explorer at the water park, on the Perak Parade carousel; and go on the Giddy Galleon for a perfect family ride away from the water. Make sure you go on the Adventure Express; where you can sit back and let this ancient locomotive take you and your family on a journey past majestic ruins, surging waters and wild tigers; giving you a quick tour of the Lost World of Tambun‟s other attractions.

After a long day of excitement, immerse yourself in the source of pure relaxation in our Lost World Hot Springs. The 100% natural mineral hot springs is clean and fresh as the water flows through the pool continuously from the main source and is then channeled to the nearby Kopisan River. Containing healthy minerals such as Calcium Carbonate, Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphate, Chloride and Iron, the Hot Springs are heavenly for those looking for a healthy retreat.



Meet Sultan, Raima, Putra, Jazz and Azian; Lost World of Tambun‟s very own Siberian tigers. Catch them and their handlers at play in the Tiger Valley, and observe their agility and strength as they jump over rocks and logs to get to their meats during the tiger feeding shows. Learn a little bit about how the tigers are cared for through the valley‟s educational program where you will be able to get close and personal with one of these exquisite tigers.


If that‟s not enough, take a walk on the wild side at our Petting Zoo, where you‟ll be able to get personal with just some of the zoo favorites – Ruby the raccoon, Nia the Python and Wira the Green Macaw. Take some time to walk through the different areas, where you would be able to feed, touch and experience animals in their natural habitats.The Petting Zoo allows the public to touch, feel, feed and play with the animals; giving those looking for a more personal encounter, a closer perspective. The Petting Zoo features a large variety of exotic animals in an environment created as close to nature as possible and apart from being a fun activity that families can do together, it also serves as a nature education platform for schools and tourists. The Petting area is set within a large area of 100,000 square feet framed by the lush rainforest backdrop of the Monkey Valley. The RM6 million new attraction houses a combination of domestic animals and wild animals that are docile enough to be handled by children. Kids can look forward to having an enjoyable time petting and playing with rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, African Dwarf Goats and Deer and adorable primates such as the white-eared marmosets, black-eared marmosets and macaques. The large aviary houses over 500 birds from 18 species with all-time favourites such as cockatoos, mandarin ducks and peacocks. The Serpentarium features a host of slithering reptiles such as the reticulated pythons, mangrove snake and the Giant Monitor Lizard.To keep the memory for a long time, kids and adults alike can pose for pictures with the ferret, wallaby, Sugar Glider, and Blue-Gold Macaw and the Giant Iguana at the Rock Canopy.The new Petting Zoo is certainly an added reason to make that trip to Lost World of Tambun today!


Make your way, jungle trekking through the deep limestone hill forests of the Lost World of Tambun. Witness and explore the unique flora and fauna, get up close and personal with wild animals and experience the beauty of its waterfalls and mysterious caves. Delve deeper into the caves for a one three exploration of the Gua Datok, a cave dating back to 400 million years; with our naturist guides as they expose magnificent history and the formations of the stalagmites and stalactites. For the younger thrill seekers who wants a taste of the action there is a smaller cave called Gua Anak Datok, located at near the feet of Gua Datok. This cave is not as challenging but proves to be a hit with the younger enthusiast due to the history and natural beauty of the cave. Need more of an adrenaline rush? Opt for the three-hour cave exploration experience at the Six Mile Tunnel. Eco-enthusiasts are guided by experienced guides through the 700 meter long cave tunnel; walking through knee-deep mud, swimming across a shallow pool, before continuing to walk through chest-deep water inside the tunnel. Along the way, you‟ll get to experience a bout of history where you‟ll get to learn about mining artifacts as well as stalactites in the making. Like being outdoors? Stay close to nature and camp overnight. Share adventures with friends and family over a bonfire at any one of the two camping sites at the Lost World of Tambun – the Needle Village, the Riverside Village; where you indulge in bonding activities such as lake kayaking, rafting, teambuilding sessions, as well as themed dinners.


Originating right here in Ipoh, Malaysia, the Ipoh White coffee is love at first sip! Made only from the finest selections of Liberica, Robusta and Arabica quality beans, the coffee is skillfully roasted to perfection by Ipoh‟s old, legendary masters. Flavorful and full bodied, the old masters of Ipoh takes pride in providing only the most satisfying of coffees! So be sure to please your taste buds by taking a sip of the Lost World Ipoh White Coffee. We‟re sure that you‟ll be raising your hand for more! If coffee is not your cup of tea, try Lost World of Tambun‟s Roasted Rice Tea. A traditionally unique cuppa, the Roasted Rice Tea reflects the authentic flavors of a recipe that has been handed down through many ancestral generations. With ingredients such as roasted rice, which gives it its distinct aroma and flavor; and pandan, which complements the aroma of roasted rice; the Roasted Rice tea is one that is not to be missed! Brown sugar and honey are used to blend these two together; resulting in a sweetness level that‟s „just-nice‟. For those seeking any other reason to sample the Lost World of Tambun‟s Roasted Rice Tea, the tea touts a list of health benefits which include soothing sore throats, cooling down body temperatures and alleviating fevers.

New road from North – South Expressway to Sunway Lost World Of Tambun

From Bandaraya Ipoh to Sunway Lost World of Tambun.

Park Facilities:
Shade Area (10 units)
Shower and Changing Room
Prayer Room
Toilets (also for the Disabled)
First Aid Room

New Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday 11 am – 6 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 6 pm
School & Public Holidays 10 am – 6 pm
Park CLOSED every Tuesday except during Malaysian School & Public holidays

Ticket Price:
Adult RM 30.00 per person
Children RM 24.00 per person
Child below 90cm in height Free of Charge
Group package is available with minimum number of 30 persons – advance booking is required.